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Point-of-Sale (screenshot)

  • Print professional receipts containing jewelry images (optional) (example) & be able to send the receipt as a PDF file by email
  • Bar-code scanning at POS
  • Integrated lay-away module & gift card tracking
  • On-the fly discounting without using a calculator – by dollar amount or percentage
  • Optional integrated credit-card processing
  • Real-time gold buying feature with live gold prices

Stock & Inventory ControlStock & Inventory Control

  • Add new inventory in a fraction of the time using our patent pending PLEXUS network  (read what PLEXUS is all about), additional feature: receive/add Pandora inventory by vendors barcode. Scan… and it’s part of your stock, even if it’s a new product
  • add-by-invoice bulk item entry (screenshot)
  • Receive new stock by automatically created e-order lists
  • Get control over your inventory – know what sells in what departments and price points, and know what doesn’t


  • Yearly inventory control (even on tablets using wireless scanner) by bar-code – get instant reporting on what you found and what’s still missing (detailed discrepancy reporting) (also TJS RF-ID enabled)
  • Inventory reports by department, vendor, optional case and tray location etc. (screenshot)
  • Imaging of up to 3 pictures per item, images can be attached to each item via the windows interface or taken by virtually any web-camera attached to your computer (see our price list for our recommended model)
  • Catalog generator/printer
  • Detailed road-show tracking – know what left the store and what returned
  • Label printing

Repair & Job-Bag TrackingRepair & Job-bag Tracking (screenshot)

  • Comprehensive job-bag module, track and find jobs by job number, customer, due-date (promise date), goldsmith
  • real-time tracking of job bags by work-station location
  • Imaging – up to 2 images per job bag, allowing you to take a snap shot within seconds (see our price list for our recommended model)
  • detailed costing breakdown
  • Built-in automated SMS text messaging and e-mailing informing your customer when a job is ready for pick-up
  • Job-bag printing (example) & job-bag bar-coding
  • Stock / job-bag item assembly
  • Instant gold-smith assignment

ReportingComprehensive & powerful Reporting Features

  • Financial reporting, day-end balancing
  • Fast-seller and aging reports (screenshot)
  • GM-ROI and turn reports (screenshot)
  • automated daily fast-seller re-ordering
  • Open-to-buy reports
  • Inventory sales reports by department, vendor, customer, employee, sales type – all selectable by any date range

Customer CRMCustomer CRM (Relationship Management)

  • System remembers customer information of names, spouse’s name, addresses, several phone numbers and fax, email addresses, wife’s & husband’s birth dates, anniversary date, rings sizes, customer types/groups, customer image, referrals (screenshot)
  • Comprehensive reporting on all the above fields – for example generate a list of items sold to a specific type/group of customers
  • Customer wish-list and virtual wish-list of jewelry pieces you need to keep looking for
  • Birthday & anniversary reporting – know who has a special occasion within the next month
  • Top customer list within a date range and cold customer reporting
  • Add new customers using the integrated reverse phone number look-up that returns name and address from the Internet’s white-pages

Multi-Store Functionality

  • transfer inventory from your local location to any other location, inventory information will transferred automatically and enter electronically into the remote store’s database, remote store will receive a notification to confirm the received inventory
  • edit the remote’s inventory from your local location, possibility to print labels
  • look-up inventory by SKU#, Style#, category and description remotely, know what store has the item you are looking for
  • get sales information and sales totals/summary from any remote location at your local sore

Go Mobile!Go Mobile!

  • Too many customers at your POS station? Or is it sometimes not convenient to leave your client to walk back to the POS terminal? Go mobile with our DiamondCounter mobile application – running on iPad and Android tablets
  • Print professional receipts just like from your main POS terminal from your mobile device from anywhere in the store
  • Find & add customers on the fly on your tablet, look-up your customers purchasing history and be able to add and look-up jewelry pieces that are on their wishlist
  • Get inventory and sales reports (selectable by date range) even if you are away from your store right on your tablet (internet connection is required), generate reports by department and/or vendor

Web SolutionsWeb Solutions

  • Add your store’s inventory to your web-site e-catalog with the click of a button – have it customized to make it match your existing page or pick from a variety of different templates (example1, example2).
  • Push your inventory to your business Facebook page and allow your fans & friends to browse right within Facebook images click here to see an example
  • see what our partner can do for you!
  • Post the most current repair status online, so your customers can check on your web-site if their repair is ready for pickupqrcode.12018595
  • Have your inventory on mobile devices, such as iPads and Androids –  click here on your mobile device to see it.


Even More Bells and Whistles


Even More Bells and Whistles!

  • Several detailed user level authorities – allowing you to setup the system so that each employee has different levels of user right to access the software features
  • Multi-store capability – transfer stock to another store via a internet connection, look-up stock in a remote store, synchronize customer files and more
  • Built-in demonstration videos allowing you and your staff to watch a live movie instead of reading a user manual
  • SMS text messaging for the store owner – stay informed even when you are not at the store, get constant updates on your phone by SMS messages of… employees punching in and out, items being sold or returned over a certain value, day end trending and monetary reports, be informed when items get deleted or are being discounted by more than a selectable percentage (optional)