PLEXUS Data Network

Plexus LogoOne of the biggest investments you will make with a jewelry inventory software is to enter and add your inventory into the system. We have identified this problem and realize that you should spend as little time as possible in front of a computer

In 2010 we have launched and officially introduced PLEXUS at the JCK show in Las Vegas. This technology is patent pending and is currently used by many of our clients

How does PLEXUS work?

Nearly all vendors you deal with, have their catalog in some form of electronic format – unfortunately nearly all of them are different! We at InCom are able to standardize this information and store it in our office server for you

Now, no matter if you receive one single item or multiple pieces, the only thing you will have to do within your DiamondCounter software is to select the appropriate vendor, enter the style number received and your software will “look-up” this specific jewelry piece and return all provided information back to your system and will insert it all automatically into your inventory. Those information can include description, images, cost, retail, metal etc

And even if you are looking for a specific item, you have now access to virtually thousands of jewelry pieces right at your finger-tips – think of it like one big jewelry catalog from several vendors!

Benefits of PLEXUS
  • tremendous time saver – very little time required to enter inventory, no reason anymore to re-type descriptions, re-take images etc.
  • instant access to thousands of pieces of jewelry from several vendors
  • uses no storage on your computer of pieces that you have never had or will never have stock, but still giving you access to the information of them
  • if a vendor chooses to add or change product information, you will have instant access to this updated information from our servers, without having to download updated product sheets directly into your computer
  • we are able to work with any of your vendors, no matter if they have 20 pieces in their product line or 1 million


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